F713-60-B5-J Cast Iron Worm Gearbox


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Ratio: 60:1 Single Reduction
Center Distance: 1.3″
Input: 56C Flange
Output Bore/Shaft Diameter: 0.625″
Output: Right Side Solid Output Shaft

MODEL F713-60-B5-J


Boston Gear




13.000 lb



  • The 700 Series’ large oil reservoir provides efficient heat dissipation and lubrication for longer operating life.
  • Its multi-position mounting flexibility allows for installation in virtually any position.
  • Housings are straddle-milled, top and bottom, for precise alignment of horizontal and vertical bases.
  • Internal baffles assure positive, leak-free venting.
  • The 700 Series’ rugged housing, fabricated of fine-grained, gear-quality cast iron, provides maximum strength for maximum durability, as well as greater precision during worm and gear alignment.
  • Boston Gear’s 700 Series high-strength bronze worm gear is straddle mounted between heavy-duty tapered roller bearings to increase thrust and overhung load capacities, sizes 713-760.
  • 700 Series’ high-strength steel output shaft assures capacity for high torque and overhung loads.
  • Pipe plugs allow easy fill, level, and drain in any mounting position.
  • The 700 Series’ super-finished oil-seal diameters on both input and output shafts extend seal life.
  • 11 basic single reduction sizes
  • 8 basic double reduction sizes
  • 1/6 – 25 HP
  • 5:1 – 100:1 ratios single reduction
  • 100:1 – 3600:1 ratios double reduction
  • Non-flanged, NEMA C-face quill, and coupled input styles
  • Projecting and hollow output shafts
  • Projecting diameters from 1/2″ to 2-1/4″
  • Hollow output bore diameters from 5/8″ to 3-7/16″ (with over 20 bore sizes in stock)

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